Poster Contest

Every year our TEDx event revolves around a single word/phrase which we have selected as our theme. This not only applies to the topic of our talks but the aesthetics as well. As an extension of our all-inclusive philosophy, we want to see what you think about our theme this year – IM·perfection. For the first time ever, we are launching a school-wide poster contest and your job is simple: show us what imperfection means to you. Elements from the best poster will be used to create the aesthetics of our entire event. This is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your passion for design and have it be recognized on an international platform. If this seems a bit frightening, just remember that your poster doesn’t have to be perfect because that is the beauty of our theme. Be loud, be proud and be creative!


One winner will be chosen to represent this event in terms of stage design and merchandise design. However, there will be one honorary mention from each of the elementary, middle and high school section (3 in total) who will have their posters displayed in their respective school locations.

The grand winner can take home a brand new HOVER BOARD* and the honorary mentions will be given small gifts that include baked goods and stationary.

*Note: the hover board will only be awarded to winners from grade 5 and up, while everyone is encouraged to participate. If the winner is younger than grade 5, he/she will be given a prize of equal value.


We accept posters in all shapes and forms, but make sure you include some very important details as we intend to use it to promote our event.

  1. Your poster must be original. We don’t judge whether its good or bad as long as it is your own work
  2. Your poster must be sent to us at in a digital form. If created by hand, please scan it at a high resolution and send it by email as well. Any technical difficulties can also be directed to the same email address.
  3. Your poster must incorporate the theme IM·perfection in some way.
  4. Your poster must be sent to us by January 20th, 2017