Chris Warren


Chris Warren is a Beijing-based artist and writer from London, U.K. His first collection ‘Pareidolia’ was exhibited in Beijing at Más in June of 2016.  A series of six hand-drawn text works which drew heavily on the Rorschach inkblot, it explored the psychological phenomenon of seeing patterns where none actually exist.

This second collection, RSI, has been exhibited at Aotu Studios in Beijing since February 2017.

Chris is primarily interested in text-based art forms and language games, and supports Beijing’s creative community as host of the Spittoon fiction night and as one of the editors for the bi-annual Spittoon Literary Magazine, a literary journal recently listed in Time Out Shanghai as one of the best literary magazines in Asia.

Chris is currently in the process of completing his third collection of works that he hopes to exhibit in June of 2017.

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